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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 06:39

Human civilization. At its peak. Growth, development, industrialization and automation. The need for power is like never before. But a grey area that usually goes dangerously unnoticed is the waste production. Our society and industries today produce more waste than the planet can handle. And this is increasingly becoming a problem.

But what if this problem became the solution itself? What if the waste could be turned into useful power? What if?

This is another ‘what if’ that we at Cargo Power & Infrastructure are finding solution to.

The Whys and Hows of the Waste to Energy Magic!

It is a process that takes municipal and household solid waste, putting it all in a combustion chamber, and reducing the volume of that entire waste to ten percent of its original volume!

The heat generated through the burning waste is used in a standard heat exchanger or what is known as a boiler or a thermal power plant powering turbines by using heated steam.

The waste is now compact and less harmful and thus easier to handle!

With the technology slowly maturing, waste to energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy production and here is why we should make use of it:

Clean Power:  It’s clean, reliable and renewable. Certified by many authorities worldwide such as the US EPA, this process produces electricity with lesser environmental impact than most other sources of electricity.

Lesser Crude Imports: One ton of waste processed translates into one lesser crude barrel imported or one quarter ton lesser coal burnt!

Lesser Greenhouse Gasses: One ton of waste processed means one lesser ton of Greenhouse Gasses released!

Lesser Waste, Easier to Manage: Waste reduced to 10% of its volume! Lesser landfills, safer soil, safer people, happier lives!

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