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Friday, 23 July 2010 08:59


Potential in India, Energy from Waste

Globally, India is in the fourth position in generating power through biomass and with a huge potential, is poised to become a world leader in biomass energy production. India can generate as much as 16,000MW of biomass power, according to the Biomass Resource Atlas of India, an Indian Institute of Science (IISc) project to map biomass potential in the country, but only about 700 MW is on stream now.

According to a study released by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, urban areas of the country generate about 40,000 million tonnes of solid waste and 5,000 million cubic metre of liquid waste every year.

Titled 'Mitigating Climate Change: The Indian Perspective', the study suggests recycling of waste for power generation. It estimates that about 1,500 mw of power can be generated from urban and municipal wastes by setting up waste-to- energy projects.

There is possibility of generating an additional 1,000 mw from industrial wastes. Funds for setting up the waste-to-energy projects may be raised through municipalities and local governments with subsidy element coming from the concerned states, the study says.